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Soundtrapper Features

Demographic search

Soundtrapper's demographic search capability allows clients to hit the exact target audience they are hoping to reach. By breaking down the search into specific categories we can show what style of music users in different demographic are listening to and then suggest specific tracks across several genres.

Curated playlists

Our talented team of music programmers can help create a playlist tailor made for our users. Whether it's a certain vibe your looking for from the production library, or a track from the latest buzz band on our premium roster, our curated playlists will give each user a personal experience unlike any other.

Themed playlists

Whether it's Christmas, a Football game, or even a wedding, our pre-made playlists help users save time and energy by giving them the perfect selection of pre-chosen songs for all occasions.



See how it works

Soundtrapper has a great variety of tracks to choose from. The curator is very responsive and accommodating to requests for playlists which makes our job of searching very easy.

Jason Bowers, WhoSay

Redesigned Interface

With Soundtrapper's new interface comes an array of improved functionality. The Soundtrapper library hosts top of the line production tracks as well as premium songs from today's hottest new artists. We've also made discovering the music your looking for even easier with a new preview system and search tool functionality. Furthermore, users can also now curate your their own experience by creating unique playlist and sharing with friends or other users. Once the users found found a track they love, they can dive even deeper into it with ability to download the track's stems. When finished a user can simply download and pay for the track directly from Soundtrapper, at an extremely affordable price for all usage.

  • Pay and Download straight from the site
  • Create your own Playlist
  • Choose from Premium or Production tracks
  • Conduct your own search using our search tools
  • Preview tracks
  • Download Stems

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